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MepiBOX is the new scalable solution to manage all kinds of transport and storage of spacecraft hardware issues. It is waterproof, compliant with cleanness standard IS08 and available in different configurations starting from a common baseline concept. MepiPanel is the key feature of the MepiBOX solution. It is a composite panel made by plywood and aluminum with excellent strenght and weight performance.
MepiPanel is available in three different configurations (standard, light, extralight ) starting from the 3000x1500 mm baseline panel with 15 mm thickness.
MepiBOX concept allows fast price definition and reduction in the design & manufacturing process thanks to the commonality of components and solution provided.

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A flexible solution able to cover a wide range of requirements:

MepiBOX Frame Configurations

  • Palletless

  • Stackable pallet

  • Stackable pallet with wheels

MepiBOX Cover Configurations

  • Cover lid configuration

  • Cover box configuration

  • Stackable corner

  • Protective corner

Mepibox Frame Material & Finishing

  • Steel S235JR - powder coating

  • Steel S235JR - liquid coating

  • Stainless Steel AISI304 - passivated

  • Stainless Steel AISI304 - liquid coating

  • Aluminum EN AW 6060 - liquid coating

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Container accessories

  • Breathing Box

  • IATA hatch

  • Inspection hatch

Container internal features

  • Payload interface provision

  • Dumping and isolation provision

  • Foam internal provision

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 Mepibox baseline includes:

  • Humidity indicator

  • Breather valve

  • USB 2 interface port (IP65)

  • Dessicant bag internal box

  • Log book folder

  • Stainless steel latch

  • Stainless steel external handle

  • Stainless steel lifting point (CE)

  • Purging connection provision

  • Data logger installation provision

  • Stackable corner protection

  • Protective corner protection

The MepiBOX is provided also with:

  • Standard warning and label vynil kit

  • Stainless steel A2 class installation hardware

  • Common End Item Data Package includes Design Definition, Analysis Report, Test Report, User Manual

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Via Grazia Deledda 4 - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) Italy

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